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Ruth Thompson


Throughout my career I have been concerned with healthy communities and individuals. I started my career in social services. On a voluntary level, I was involved in the formation of the Self-help Food Bank in Cambridge, Ontario. After completing a Masters degree in social work, I was the director of the Social Planning Council in Cambridge. I was involved in the organization’s early years to initiate much needed research, planning and community participation in the development of  local human services.

My life changed radically when my 12 year old daughter developed a mysterious ailment. It took three years to find effective treatment. Then it took another three years to bring her back to good health. During those first three years, some doctors told us this was  all in her head, even though she was sick most of the winter and spring. She went from a good student and a competitive athlete to a girl who could not get through a school day and had no energy for any physical activity. Two years into this ordeal, I was so distraught that I gave up a paid job to focus on getting her well. In my search for answers, I discovered a natural healing process through Holistic Nutrition. While completing my studies to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I learned how to help my daughter re-gain her health. Today she is a healthy, active young woman. It could very easily have been different if I had not learned how to make her diet part of the healing process

These experiences gave me a firm conviction that we can take more charge of our health through nutrition. However, I know first hand that good nutrition is not always obvious. Many people need help to determine the right diet for them. Through individual nutritional counseling and speaking engagements, I am committed to helping others achieve their optimal well being.

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