Year End Raffle

The 5th Annual

It's time again for the 2006 edition or...
The FIFTH annual kite raffle/exchange
This year it is improoved Yet again after feedback from last year

So here is the deal...
The entries to be fighters, or winders and line, or kite making material
Or fighter related items....

you can have many objects listed as one item and you will receive one prize.

Do not enter if you have no intention of snding a paize out.

E-mail me at -

Send me a picture with a description or at least a good description.
Same as last year... We all mail our prizes to the winners

The dates are...
Entry deadline Dec 2.
The Draw Dec 3

The coolest part of this raffle is...
Everybody gets a prize!

Good luck to all this year.

The Mad Scientist

Seeing as the raffle is getting here faster every second...
We need total participation... I want to work my rear gear off posting and getting things ready for the fun.
I'm ready to start... Bring it on!!!!! ;))

Just in case you forgot what happened last year...
Here is a collage of pictures and descriptions

Copyright Dennis Ische 2002/2006