Bear Ferry

From the
TKF Chili Party Workshop

Here are a few pictures of my completed Bear Ferry. The wind did not cooperate so I took a few pics anyway.

Thanks to Irving and Don for a great workshop.

Dennis Ische

A View looking at the front of the Ferry.

A View looking at the back of the Ferry.

A close up of the Front.

The close up of the back. I used a stopper for the bridle to keep the lines in one place.

A shot looking straight up at the ferry.

A View looking at "Rene" the raccoon strutting his stuff.

Rene with a side shot of his nifty parachute.

This is a modification made from a wire coat hanger. It is to protect the bottom carabiner. I have it wire tied to the tube as a piece of wire sits on the epoxy of the release tube and the main tube. This will be epoxied into place. It should hit your hand as the rig comes whizzing down the line. This should save knocking the carabiner out of position and protect the trigger wire better too.

A View looking at the end of the wire. With the bend the kite line can run freely, and the bend will act as a shock absorber. It will take the banging.

Copyright Dennis Ische 2006