Map to Birch Pine Park

How to get there:
From Toronto, Kitchener areas:
Take the 401 west to 402 at London and follow down to Hwy 21 north. Take 21 North up through Forest and either to the road to Brights Grove which has a jog to Rawlings Road or got to Ravenswood and trun left and go down to the end and trun lrft to Rawlings. The park is just north of the intersection of Rawlings and Parkway Dr. Stop a tthe office and identify yourslf at one of the kite fliers.

From the Windsor Area:
I would suspect coming up through Chatham towards Forest may be the best. I suspect that following the maz of cross country roads to be the route to take... Not as kirect as from the east. If you have a preferred rout Please let me know at

This is a weekend to kick back, relax, aspend time with the family and fly some kites too. Nothing planned just a camping/flying weekend to while away the summer.

Come out... have a blast!!!

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