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Dennis was given the Al Cromwell Award for folk/blues during the 10th Annual Great North Wind Porcupine Awards. The "Porcupines" are awarded annually to those artists who have demonstrated their dedication to preserving and enhancing their heritage, thus enriching the culture from whence it came. They are almost entirely concentrated on Canadian folk-oriented musics.

Here is what they has to say about Dennis: "After spending more than two decades playing the blues in various bands around the province of Ontario, Dennis Gomo went solo, exploring the world of creative songwriting in a way that would fit into the structure of the blues. Whether he sings about the new world order to come or his desire to spend quiet summer days at his spiritual home on the shores of Lake Nippising or just heading back to the birth of the blues by pulling off a rendition of Blind Boy Fuller, slide guitar in hand Dennis Gomo provides a captivating performance with a smooth voice and a sure, clean vocal. Now with two CDs under his belt, Dennis has been plodding a forward course, continuing the great tradition of Canadian blues."


Dennis Gomo - Nippising - Is this a CD or a painting? Gomo has crafted this CD with much of the same techniques a painter would employ. He has blended rich tones, exuding from his guitar work, harmonica and vocals. The subject matter is always - deep, meaningful and personal as Dennis Gomo is a passionate songwriter who has never "fluffed" out a song in his life. Title track - Nippising - has a haunting opening embellished with the cries of loons accenting the mood of this grand Canadian lake of the north. Track two - New World Order - is a slide guitar "ditty" a bit on the political side, but with a universal message. This track and the next one - Away - both have a spoken word element to them. Again, Gomo's voice is so unique that the mix is very sultry. Overall, the production is clean and seamless. This is a one for the collection and it is going up to the cottage. Serve it up chilled with a bottle of red wine and good friends. - Karla Ingleton, SEEN.com - an e-zine. (aug. 99)

Gomo's second album shows remarkable progress from 'Hiding out in Limbo'. The songs and performances here have a stylistic unity that wasn't there before. They also have the serenity of the paintings used in the cover art. For the most part, the songs are prose settings over quiet guitar/harmonica/dobro accompaniment, with percussion(often from Vince Maccarone of the Sidemen) or accordion. It's only when he attempts a too-wordy subject such as 'The Scientists are Learning' or 'New World Order' that he seems to have difficulty. There are two overtly blues songs among the bluesy settings, 'Big Stars' and 'Four-Track Blues, and they fit in very nicely. - John Valenteyn, 'Maple Blues', Toronto Blues Society. (aug.99)

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