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'Hiding Out In Limbo' is a thirteen song release by the popular Guelph purveyor of the blues, Dennis Gomo. Gomo's strength is in his original songs which take the style and feel of the blues and winds them around elements of folk and jazz. Highlights are the moving "Take Me Some Time" (track 4) and his trademark lead track,"Let Me In". His second love is to interpret the blues standards, from the classic "Key To The Highway", the traditional "Barbeque Blues" and lesser known gem "She Caught The Katy". A very impressive guitar and rack-mount harmonica player, he recorded all tracks "live off the floor" only overdubbing accordion and percussion.

Most of the songs on this CD are performed solo and have a very intimate and close "living room feel". CO-produced with Jeff Bird (Cowboy Junkies) at studio in Guelph, additional players are Chris Dahmer on accordion and Vince Marconi (The Sidemen) on percussion.

Listen to a REALAUDIO clip of "Take Me Some Time" courtesy of the DROG website here.

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His second CD, 'Nippising' is the newest creative offering from Dennis. This album represents a bold new direction, with music that is closer to his heart than ever before.

Take a moment to enjoy the lyrics for Nippising.

1. Nipissing 2. New World Order 3. Away (Ode To Akhunaton) 4. Invisible 5. Playground Pipes 6. Wally Was 7. When The Time Comes 8. The Universe Is Watching 9. Big Stars 10. The Scientists Are Learning 11. There's Only Love 12. Cold Feet 13. Four-Track Blues 14. She Stands Her Ground 15. Waiting


Dennis Gomo - Vocals, resophonic guitar, guitar, bass, percussion
Chris Dahmer - Accordian
Dennis Rondeau - Accoustic bass
Jay Shute - Congas
Steve Klodt - Keyboards, drums, accordian
Christine Saunders - Vocals
Rob Varro - Drums
Vince Maccarone - Percussion
Doreen Smith - Vocals
James Tichgelaar - Bass

Mastered by - Blair Robb at Audioalchemy
Art Direction and Paintings by - Dennis Gomo
Layout by - Gareth Lind, Lind Design
1999 SOCAN

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Copyright © 1999-2003 Dennis Gomo.  All rights reserved.