(at the end of this page is a link to the last known photo of the Canguro)

In 1964 Nuccio Bertone was supplied with a TZ2 chassis by Alfa Romeo to produce a showcar for the Paris Auto Show of that year. With Giorgio Giugiaro, then an employee of Bertone, in charge of the project, the result was possibly the most balanced automotive design ever achieved ( totally subjective opinion of course).

Alfa Romeo chose not to put the car into limited production (insane) though many of the car's characteristics showed up later on the Montreal.

The only one produced was unfortunately destroyed when a journalist tried it out.

I know, I know.....Motorama man! The interior looked a little slapped together but did have the novelty of an extra speedometer on the passenger side.

schematic-small.gif (13379 bytes)

The TZ is a very low racer and if you've ever sat in one, you would have to wonder how Bertone managed to knock inches off of it. The Engine may look very close but the TZ2 chassis that the Canguro used employed a dry sump, allowing a lower engine placement.

The Canguro as it was found behind the Bertone factory

Now Restored, it is doing the powderpuff show curcuit.