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Well all Chistmas is gone but this here Prayer is stayin. Why you might ask.....because I like it and that's all that pretty much matters. I hope you like it and if you choose to take it and put it up on your page please remember to also put the authors name with it.



I ain't much good at prayin' - Lord,
and You may not know me.
For I ain't much seen in Churhces,
where they preach Thy Holy Word.
But you may have seen me, Lord,
out here on the lonely plains.
A-lookin' after cattle, and feelin'
thankful when it rains.
Admirin' Thy great hanidwork.
the miracle of the grass -
Aware of thy kind Spirit,
in the way it comes to pass -
That hired help on horseback,
and the cattle that we tend -
Can look up at the stars at night,
and know we've got a Friend.
So here's Ol' Christmas comin' on,
reminding us again
Of Him whose coming brought good will
into the hearts of men.
A cowboy ain't no preacher, Lord,
but if you'll hear my prayer -
I'll ask as good as we have got -
for all men everywhere.
Don't let no hearts be bitter, Lord.
Don't let no child be cold.
Make easy the beds for them that's sick,
and them that's weak and old.
Let kindness bless the trail we ride,
no matter what we're after.
And sorta keep us on Your side,
in tears as well as laughter.
I've seen old cows a-starvin' -
it ain't no happy sight.
Please don't leave no one hungry, Lord,
On Thy Good Christmas Night.
No man, no child, no woman,
and no critter on four feet.
I'll do my doggone best to help You
find them chuck to eat.
I'm just a sinful cowpoke, Lord,
ain't got no business paryin'
But still I hope You'll ketch a word
or two, of what I'm sayin'.
We speak of Merry Christmas, Lord,
but I reckon You'll agree -
There ain't no Merry Christmas,
for nobody that ain't free!
So one thing more I ask of You, Lord,
just help us what You can
To save some seeds of freedom -
for the future Sons of Man.

Written by S. Omar Barker

From a Friend....To a Friend.....For my Friends


Before you are two choices.......frames or no frames. The non frames page is the first one I's the one where everything is kind of chaotic and just plain fun. The frames page is where I'm trying to make my page look "professional"......still fun. Between the two pages there are major differences and major similarities. on the one you think you'd be most interested in.

If you already have my page bookmarked....I've got it set up so that if you use your bookmark you come to this need to go bookmarking both of them.

Oh more thing if you dropped in here first....I don't do the "Cyber" thing and I don't form Cyber "Relationships" to me it's a bunch of nonsense...I just can't comprehend it. Falling in love with someone you might not ever see except on a screen is something I can't do. For me, I need to hold someone, feel there warmth, their touch. So before you ask just remember.....I can become a treasured friend, a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk with.....but not a cyber-boyfriend or cyber-husband. Although I don't mind the occational cyber dance or beer here or there. ;)

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